Dear reader, cordially receive greetings from Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking, a member based organisation formed in 2013 by private companies, associations and firms in clean cooking value chain. The main goal of the Alliance is to support efforts towards reduction of demand on biomass energy resources through provision of a joint coordination framework for the private and public actors in the subsector of clean cooking.

While climate change continues to draw attention at a national and global level resulting from massive poor agricultural practices, land use and loss of forest cover across Africa, I challenge each one of you, to take time to meditate on the millions of Africans dying as a result of lack of food resulting from change in weather, women and children dying and some suffering from diseases as a result of indoor air pollution, the biting poverty resulting from lots of time and money lost in pursuit for fuel for cooking.

This will trigger our dedication to prioritize immediate Climatic Mitigation interventions especially embracing clean cooking technologies for every household to creat green jobs for youth and women, conserve the environment and live healthy.

I wish this would trigger our efforts towards crafting and putting in place reliable digital systems, policies, structures and feasible strategies we all desires while we answer household energy community needs and position Africa strategically as a champion in offering clean cooking alternatives to her people. This however calls for streamlined coordination and monitoring frameworks, increased impact and investment financing, strategic
partnerships and collaboration among the sector players.

Together with you I envisage an Africa that facilitates affordable, accessible and efficient cooking technologies through providing a business friendly environment, capacity building on business development, improve access to funding opportunities, propel starting of complementary businesses to clean cooking enterprises and aggressively market products to deliver affordable, effective and accessible clean cooking solutions across Africa and beyond

National Coordinator
Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC)
Tel: +256 774 345 977/+256 759 613 297

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