Investment Opportunities in Common Market Company Limited. BCP Investment Managers Ltd has been mandated to engage the potential equity investors to invest into Common Market Company Limited, the modern market with mixed-use facilities such as Market, warehouse, car park, petrol station, retail offices, garage, stalls, hotel, car wash and others.

The company is made of various shareholders and it is located in Komoni South Province, district Kamonyi, in Runda sector and Muganza Cell in the village of Nyagacyamu.
The common Market has changed the image of Kamonyi District by contributing to the infrastructure development, job creation, increased yearly income tax, reduced the traffic jam in the Kigali city, and attracted families to
relocate to its neighborhood.

Currently, the company is making a yearly income of more than Rwf 130 million from the Car park, Rental –Shops, Stalls and other with the future plan of improving the revenue stream with the following comprehensive revenue centers from Car park, Parking Slot, Agency Offices, and Rental – Shops, Stalls, Toilets, Hotel, Carwash- Rental, Garage, Warehouse, and Petro station to a yearly income of Rwf1.2 billion.

The company is currently looking for the potential investors who could tap into the investment opportunity valued at Rwf 4.5 billion.

Should you need Investment information, please contact
The BCP Investment Managers Ltd
Fundraising Manager: Benjamin G.
Tel: +250788469029


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