Makuza Peace Plaza

The Makuza Peace Plaza has for ages proved itself when it comes for being an exquisite facility one can always count on for a memorable and wonderful experience in Kigali. Located in the heart of Rwanda’s capital, the plaza has a reliable fire control system, CCTV cameras to ensure security of all people that access the facility, air conditioners, piped water that’s available 24/7, restaurants that serve both local and foreign dishes, electricity and standby generators as well as certificates that authenticate fire control acceptance certificates, elevator quality
certificate and Certificate of title.

Makuza Peace Plaza also provides free partitioning for all itsclients. The facility is for mixed use as shoppers and   food lovers can all access it and this generates traffic at the building which makes more sense for one to have a business there.

At the plaza, there is space for retail shops, offices and fully furnished apartments ranging from studio, one and two bedrooms as well as parking slots of approximately 222 vehicles.

+250 783 121 251
+ 250 788 308 734

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