Rwanda ICT Chamber

Rwanda ICT Chamber is a leading partner for organizations to share Experience, Network and meet key players in
the Rwanda ICT Sector. It was established in 2011, with a mission of making Rwanda an ICT- Driven society in Africa.
Rwanda ICT Chamber serves its members through four main pillars which are Advocacy, Access to Finance, Access
to Market and Skills Development. The beneficiaries of the Chamber gain several services such as trade missions,
upskilling and empowering them, B2B connections, advocacy activities (ex. Tax exemption for certain IT products & solutions, sponsorships, Business promotion and recommendations etc.), to mention but few.

For the past 8 years since its establishment, The Chamber has initiated different brands and initiatives such as Klab,
Fablab,250 startups, WeCode and Digital Transformation Cluster (DTC). Rwanda ICT Chamber has been playing a
great role in the digital transformation of the Rwanda ICT ecosystem, it made a great impact to the community and
has transformed the lives of many Rwandan innovators. ICT Chamber is the only non-profit organization that advocates for the ICT business entrepreneurs to the government policy makers.

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